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Frenkey: access control Service

For your office, your company, your home, your condominium and wherever you need to open doors or passages. Frenkey is a cloud service that implements an advanced access control system. It does not require keys, badges or other objects.

The keys are digital and can be used via mobile phone or any other connected electronic device. Frenkey realizes the dematerialization of the keys and represents to all intents and purposes the evolution of the key.

Opening the doors is very simple and at the same time safe. Just touch the mobile screen and identify yourself using biometrics or a pin and you’re done. Digital keys can be created with a mobile phone and sent to others directly over the network eliminating the need for an in-person delivery.

Frenkey Digital Keys
Features Overview

Frenkey provides to users a comprehensive set of features to manage keys and locks securely by an app on the smartphone. It is a smart access control system.

Frenkey Open the doors
Access Control
Unlock and open gates and door by the app and digital keys. No more keys and remote controls.
Create Keys
Key Creation
Create digital keys by the app. Remotely and from everywhere through the internet.
Key Delivery
Key Drop
Drop digital keys to other users remotely and online without any contact in person.
Dayly or Weekly Permissions
Access Permissions
Daily and weekly access permission policy per user and per access for a complete control of the access.
Frenkey Registro Accessi
Access Control
Full control of the access through the access log that register and access request to the gate.
Frenkey is a Smart Lock
Smart Lock
Turn any electrical lock or electrical gate into a smart device that can be controlled over the network.
Frenkey Box

Frenkey Box

Frenkey Box is the electronic safety device that controls the gate and manages its opening. It is equipped with a security chip: “Secure element” which protects communications and authenticates the user at each transaction. Frenkey box allows access to the gate only and exclusively to those who have a digital key registered for that gate, rejecting any unauthorized access request. The device also guarantees compliance with the daily and weekly access permissions defined by the administrators for each user. Each Frenkey Box unit can control up to four locks and is extendable by connecting other units. Frenkey box is compatible with electric and motorized locks. Once installed, it does not require configuration for network connection.

Cloud Service
Frenkey is a cloud service. Users with their app connect to the server and send data to a compatible device such as an open box. The connection between the user and the open box is protected by a security tunnel. The service manager cannot interact with the device and control the gates. Thanks to the cloud and the apps, the service realizes the dematerialization of the keys. The mobile phone apps allow for an evolution of the access experience thanks to their door opener and gate opener app functions.