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Say goodbye to keys and remote controls

Frenkey is an access control service allowing opening gates and doors by means of an app on mobile phone or any other connected device.

Frenkey is an access control service. It controls gates and doors by means of an app on mobile phone or any other connected device. A simple user interface organizes digital keys in key chains. Keys can be created, delivered to users and destroyed easily and securely just by a mobile phone and online without the need of any physical interaction. Each user can control several keys of different locks installed at different locations.

Features Overview

Frenkey provides a comprehensive set of features allowing management of the complete key lifecycle: key creation, key delivery, key usage, key administration and key revocation. At each key usage user is authenticated so to ensure that only key owner can use the key.

Full key lifecycle
Frenkey manages the complete key lifecycle.
Online management
All actions performed securely online including delivery. No need of any physical interaction between users.
User authentication
User is authenticated at each access by Biometry or pin.
Management of multiple keys of dorrs located in different places. Keys are organized in keychain.
Access Control
Time-based access controls with start time, end time and weekly policies per user and per door.
Compatible with all the electric locks and access systems.

Scope of Applications


Frenkey is for your office, your business, your house, your condominium and wherever you need to open a gate. It is compatible with all electric locks or access control systems. It requires a device compatible with the service that control the electric lock for example Frenkey box. Frenkey Box is a secure unit that control the access and is connected to the service.

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